Deep Freezer Manufacturer

Effem Technologies is a Leading Deep Freezer Manufacturer and Supplier in Ghaziabad, India.


  1. Safety door lock design to prevent abnormal door open
  2. Wide voltage for AC187V-AC242V
  3. Mute design for salient needed environment
  4. Digital display with big screen, easy to check
  5. Excellent thermal insulation performance with silicone door seal design (second door seal optional)
  6. Mobile and fixable wheel for move

The box is made of high-quality cold rolled steel plate, and the surface is treated with advance anti-corrosion phosphatic spraying process with elegant orange powder coating. High-class 304 SUS inner box, durable and reliable.

Temperature control mode

  1. With the international famous brand computer temperature control system to keep the inner temperature accurate and stable. Temperature adjusted from -40ºC~-86ºC
  2. High light digital display
  3. High/low temperature alarm, the alarm temperature can be set as needed
  4. Platinum resistance temperature sensor, sensing temperature accurately.

Security guarantee

  1. Temperature high/low alarm, sensor malfunction alarm
  2. Audible and visible alarm
  3. Keyboard lockable, password protection to prevent change running parameter randomly
  4. Display running parameter with real-time monitoring to guarantee the stability of freezer

Refrigeration system

  1. Imported brand compressor work with Mixed refrigerant
  2. High density insulation foam layer with better heat preservation effect
  3. Optimized self-cascade refrigeration system to provide faster cooling speed with lower power consumption