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Effem Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of moisture Balance in New Delhi.
In many fields, a moisture Balance / moisture analyzer is a necessary tool for quality control requirements. With the MOC63u, you can easily obtain accurate data. Simply place material on the pan and shut the cover. The MOC63u will start to measure. The MOC63u adapts to various materials and increases your work efficiency.
Features :
Halogen heater :
Long-life and high power halogen heater provides quick and accurate measurement. The temperature can be changed from 50 degrees to 200 degree Celsius. You can check sample status from window while measurement.
• Readability: – 0. 001g and good repeatability of 0. 015 %(10g)
• Heating range: 200 degree with 1 degree changes in temperature
• GLP/gmp compliance data: 50 – 1000 result memories for easy recall
• Large pan size: 95mm dia: MOC63u has large pan. (95mm diameter) It can provide quick and accurate measurement to spread sample in thin layer on the pan
• Built-in USB port
• Windows Direct
• Easy operation using a simple keypad
• Automatic ending mode
• Timed ending mode
• Rapid drying mode
• Slow drying mode
• Step drying mode
• Automatic starting mode

OHAUS Moisture Balance

Model No. - MB 95

Model No. - MB 120