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Effem Technologies is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of viscometer in New Delhi, India, and in planning and delivering rotational speed digital viscometer frameworks that are ideal for testing fluid thickness opposition and the outright consistency of fluids. Our revolving brookfield viscometers are widely utilized in an assortment of consistency testing of petrol, oil, paint, glue, food, medications, beauty care products, and different fluids. The viscometer is likewise utilized in the estimation of the thickness of palm plant gushing, and unrefined. These are frameworks accessible in both computerized and simple models. Our products are highly appreciated in the market and are available at reasonable prices.

What is a Viscometer?

The viscometer is a simple device used to measure the speed of a solution at a given temperature, If viscosity is known.

Principles of Viscometer

The principle of viscometer is the use of a solution and an absorbent to measure the viscous properties. The solution is usually reagent added to indicate its viscosity, but it would also be possible to use pure water as the solution. The moveable element is placed in the tube and then blocked to allow only the flow through the solution. The measurement is carried out by comparing time taken before any change in volume occurs with the time taken when no change in volume occurs so that if there is no change, it may be concluded that the viscous properties are constant therefore conforming to Newton’s law for fluids which states that for each degree of temperature rise there will be an increase of 2/3rds in force per unit length applied.

What are the main industries using viscometer

  • The main industries using viscometer include
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Petroleum and Gas
  • Electronics Industries
Features of Brookfield Viscometer:
  • Low-cost digital viscometer
  • Easy-to-use Flip a switch Turn a knob
  • No calculations required – direct rating of viscosity in cP or mPa•s
  • 18 Speeds for complete range capability
  • Temperature off-set capability to ±5°C
  • Accuracy: ±1.0% of range
  • Repeatability: ±0.2%
  • A simplified User interface for more direct access to features
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